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Our vision of multiculturalism is applied to fashion through clothing that fuses modern aesthetics with the richness of diverse cultures.
We are working away on our  initial clothing line to debut in Fall 2017!

Beyond fashion, Msichana serves as a channel for people to share and discover authentic cultural experiences through travel, art, food, music and literature.

Catalyzing change by elevating women and unlocking their potential, this is how we do it: Our Focus Areas



In preparation for our 2017 release in Canada, we used Ed&Lorna’s wedding as a test-run/ opportunity to showcase our vision of multiculturalism. Our designs captivated in the bridesmaids’ dresses and the traditional wedding attire while friends from different corners of the world got a firsthand experience of Uganda’s beauty and the Kinyankore culture. our story was featured in The Edmonton Journal 

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Catalyzing change by elevating women and unlocking their potential.

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Msichana Inc.
Edmonton, AB