At Msichana, we use fashion as a medium for collective action to empower women, and to build bridges through genuine exposure to people across the globe.

Msichana (ms-CHa-na)

Means “Young Woman” in Swahili, a language dating back to the 18th century that was born of blended cultures including Africans, Arabs, and Europeans and is used in different countries across Africa to this day.

We are a global village of women coming together to build bridges across the world: sharing cultures and building self-sustaining local communities.

Our vision of multiculturalism ...

... is applied to fashion through clothing that fuses modern aesthetics with the richness of cultures.

Our clothing is an expression of the joy and freedom of the women who make it and those who wear it.

Beyond fashion, Msichana serves as a channel for people to share and discover authentic cultural experiences through travel, art, food, music and literature.

A perfect fit for every occasion

Let us create a look that is tailored to your needs, taste and style. The perfect fitting outfit , custom-tailored, and ethically produced, just for you.

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experiential fashion for all women

Press: New ethical fashion line combines Canadian style with African flair

"conducting a cross-cultural experiment in beauty and branding that will employ — and empower — women on both sides of the planet."

Article in Edmonton Journal


We used Ed & Lorna’s wedding to showcase our vision of multiculturalism. Our designs captivated in the bridesmaids’ dresses and traditional wedding attire while friends from across the world got a firsthand experience of Uganda’s beauty and the Kinyankore culture. Read our story in The Edmonton Journal 

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