About Us

Unique clothing to reflect your sense of style and adventure.

Because we use hand-selected fabrics and artisan textiles, our pieces are only a few of a kind or one of a kind - just like you.

We believe in a transparent production process too so you will receive updates as your pieces are made in our design workshop in Uganda. 

How it Started:

Lorna was born and raised in Uganda and exposed to various cultures through interaction, art, and literature. Fashion for her has always been a way of life and a means of self-expression; her mother is a fashion designer so she grew up surrounded by fashion and its impact on individuals and society. She moved to Canada more than a decade ago, and after a successful career in the corporate world, she decided to leverage her experience and skills for the cause she is most passionate about. Hence, Msichana was born: using fashion as a medium for collective action to empower women, and to build bridges through genuine exposure to people across the globe.

Meet some of the ladies behind our clothing

Scovia is a wonderful example of how beautiful clothes can change a woman's life. She began working as a cleaner at the Kampala design workshop and quickly moved to producing designs. She came to Kampala without a formal education or trade as her parents could not afford the fees. She has built her skill as a seamstress and now provides for herself, her parents, and her sister's daughter.

Brenda is a single mother, and so proud of her 4 year old daughter. She is determined to give her daughter the education she never had. The home tailoring business she is working towards would enable her to spend more time with her child while making a comfortable life for both of them. With her focus and determination, nothing can hold her back.

Mbabazi is a loving mother of three children who came to Kampala to find work to single-handedly sustain her family.

She has steadily improved her skills as a seamstress and is now able to provide school fees for all her children and support her mother as well.

Brenda is an an aspiring fashion designer. Expertise in tailoring will give her an edge in design, and her cheerful easy-going personality puts people at ease. With the flexible work arrangement, she is able to work towards a career while  meeting her other obligations at home.

Pamela is a dedicated seamstress, using her skill to secure herself a great career. In Uganda, where professional tailoring is still a male dominated workforce, this is a challenging goal.

However, the tools and technology available through Msichana give her an advantage, making this is an achievable goal.

Adrine is the youngest and boldest member of our team. She is ambitious, independent and loves to dress up.

Adrine is now a highly skilled seamstress with dreams of running her own fashion boutique.

With the entrepreneur training she is receiving, we are confident that it is only a matter of time until her dream becomes reality.