For the one of a kind Bride

Tired of searching through countless online catalogues of Bridesmaid gowns that kind of all look the same?

Want to find a gown that works for everyone's unique body shape, that is of beautiful quality?

Hoping for colours that match the theme of the wedding?

Don't want the beautiful investment of a bridesmaid dress to sit in a closet for the end of days?


We aim to please.


We offer the experience of a fully custom bridesmaid mini-collection, just for you.

Did you know that 99% of bridesmaid gowns never get worn again? Ok, that might be a made up statistic, but we can't be far off.

This is because they look so much like what they are, and become unsuitable for repurposing.

We like to think we balance that line so it's clear who is in your wedding party, but they can totally rock that dress again at a ton of other events.


100% Custom Colours, Fabric and Design

100% Unique to create a stand out look

100% likely to be worn again

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