Why Msichana


Clothes that make you feel something.

Clothes that hug your body and fit just right.

Clothes that are made to last.

Clothes that empower others in their production.


Each garment is unique, bold, and designed to flatter your body. Our collections feature one of a kind patterns and delectable silhouettes, which combine to bring out your inner fire. 


Our Ready to Wear line has a full range of sizes, and tailoring is available for that "just right" fit. Our Bespoke Line features all of the same designs from R2W, but you will enjoy the benefits of made-to-measure.


Our garments are not mass produced. They are lovingly made by skilled artisans, and no detail is missed. Remember the way clothes used to be made? There is no loose stitching, fading color, or asymmetry. We are proud of the high quality craftsmanship of each piece we produce.


Through our operations, we pay all of our artisans a fair wage. We also equip these women with the skills to run successful businesses, and provide a platform to share their talents and culture on a global scale.