Our Story

Our Philosophy

Every stage of operation - from sourcing materials, up to the finished product- is built around empowering women. Beyond providing business and employment for women, Msichana is building a nurturing work environment with strong mentorship, counselling, and fair wages.

We work hard to provide a workplace culture that supports individuals with caregiving responsibilities including sick and parental leave. Flexible work options, days off and work schedules that ensure individuals can balance work with their other life responsibilities or goals. 


Lorna was born and raised in Uganda and exposed to various cultures through interaction, art, and literature. Fashion for her has always been a way of life and a means of self-expression; her mother is a fashion designer so she grew up surrounded by fashion and its impact on individuals and society. She moved to Canada more than a decade ago, and after a successful career in the corporate world, she decided to leverage her experience and skills for the cause she is most passionate about. Hence, Msichana was born: using fashion as a medium for collective action to empower women, and to build bridges through genuine exposure to people across the globe. Lorna of course designed her own bridesmaid dresses.