Our Why

For the woman who runs her own company, but struggles to get out of bed because of her PMS symptoms.

For the woman who is holding down three jobs to make ends meet.

For the woman who has to choose between freedom from abuse, or protecting her children.

For the woman who is tired of being told verbally, visually and subconsciously that she is not beautiful enough.

For the woman who is trying her best to break a glass ceiling.

For the woman who is coping with trauma from her past.

For the woman who wants to break free from fear and doubt and self loathing.

For the woman who is all of us.

We hear you, and we stand with you.


Every stage of our operation has been built around empowering women. From sourcing materials, to the production, to providing a FULL range of measurements and cuts to include anyone who wants to rock our bold prints; we care deeply about fixing some wrongs by being the change we want to see in the world.


Msichana is building a community by re-establishing that connection point between maker and wearer. Women from around the world are brought together through our pieces, and that's a beautiful thing.


We do this because it's time to stand up and stand out together.