How we do it

Production Process


Remember how clothes used to be made?

With meticulous attention to detail, quality and workmansip?


We carry on this tradition to create timeless pieces that will last a long time, while being sustainable for our environment and ethically made.

Sourcing Fabrics

We approach artisans and companies from several African countries to review and narrow down which pieces of wearable art we will consider for our collection. Each yard of fabric is a means of self-expression both for the artist and the wearer. We select fabrics that appeal to our brand, and range in every hue under the rainbow.


Next, we test it's suitability for you: machine washable and colorfast.

Many garments in Africa are hand-washed and, dye running is just not something they need to worry about as much.


Should the fabric pass all of our tests, we purchase it at a fair price and add it to our library.


Pattern Design

Since each yard of fabric is unique, we carefully consider the shapes and colours and how they might look on our designs. We are working with a blend of highly geometric elements in monochrome tones, to organic shapes in punchy gem colours. The borders are interesting elements that also add unique opportunities.


This is why no one piece is the same, and this is a careful process that requires a high level of skill and creativity. Our pattern designer has 30+ years of experience.


Once the design has been decided on, next comes a fun part: cutting the fabric! If this is a Bespoke order, this is done to your exact measurements.


The first step to cutting is preparing the fabric by spreading it out in flat layers, smoothing out creases and checking the fabric for faults. Next, she will place the pattern on the fabric and mark around it, then begin cutting around her marks carefully by hand.



The Build

Following the design, our makers will begin to sew the fabric cut-outs together either by hand or machine, depending on the complexity needed.


We work with seamstresses at multiple levels and experience, so they each may handle different stages of the process from finishing all the way to sewing different parts. The Jumpsuit collar is very complex, and will not be assigned to someone with less than two years of experience, whereas the scarves can be done by someone in her first year with us.

The Result: beautiful, high quality garments that are ethically made and fit perfectly.