Msichana Maven: Jocelyn

Msichana Maven: Jocelyn

Msichana Palazzo Pants and coming full circle earrings. One of a kind artisan handmade fashion for womenWhat do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
It can either be lazy or not. I love LOVE reading and cozy. My favorite Sunday afternoon looks like this: fire on, blanket, a cup of coffee and a good book.
I also love relaxing time with my boys.
When it’s nice and not cold I love being outside, so walks, hikes, that sort of thing. I love my outside time too.

 As someone who has been part of the Msichana Mavens tribe what does: Into the Fold mean to you? 
To me it’s like being welcomed into an embrace, that is totally what I feel and envision when I think of being a part of the Fold. It is a community of passion, support and connection and.. yea, embrace. I feel embraced. 

What does self-expression mean to you and How do you like to express yourself? 
Self-expression to me is being able to carry and present yourself in whatever way makes you feel confident and able to walk into any situation with your head held high and feeling like yourself. And that way you present yourself, you’re doing it for you and not what other people think. It’s a hard place to get to and it doesn’t happen all the time.
The biggest thing that I found that has given me the ability to be most confident and feeling most powerful in my self-expression is vulnerability and authenticity, not trying to go for perfectionism and this outward appearance that I have everything together. Getting to a place where I can share where I ‘m actually at with people is scary but it is the biggest way that I express myself. 

What do you love about your Msichana piece?
I love how it makes me feel. I love that I feel edgy in it. It’s so unique and so outside of any other piece that I own. Whenever I wear it I love it! I feel confident and that I am just being an individual in it. And honestly, they are a conversation starter too. Every time I wear my earrings or my pants to an event it is conversation starter hands down, so It’s a nice way to get chats going.  I’ve had people from across the room motioning to my Msichana pieces and giving me (signals two thumbs up)


Msichana Palazzo Pants. One of a kind artisan handmade fashion for womenWhat is the most rewarding part of the work you do?
The biggest reward I get is connection and impact. Connection comes in different forms, whether working with a client or hosting my own event, I’ve been able to build a connection with my client and understand them and their business and their teams and that is huge for me. And at the events I put on for elevate, the ability to meet and connect with the people that come into the room and be a part of the energy that they bring is huge. .. on the impact part, it’s creating and being a part of events with a purpose. I love creating an experience for people, but that experience is elevated to where it’s making a difference somehow whether for a person’s need to connect with people or an impact awareness-wise for a community or group of people. 

What drives, motivates you? 
Prior to starting the Virtual Effect, I was in a position where I was completely unfulfilled professionally and I knew that I was capable of so much more. And so, now stepping into owning my own business and being able to fulfill that need and feeling like I am living in my purpose and in alignment with myself and my values and what I know I’m on this earth to do is what inspires me. That feeling of being in alignment and stepping into my purpose.


Msichana Palazzo Pants. One of a kind artisan handmade fashion for womenWhat woman or women have impacted your life the most? 
The biggest impact has come from the business owners - women I’ve met in Edmonton. Seeing their passion, commitment, willingness to support and encourage and be a part of my growth both personally and professionally has had such an impact on me. I feel as though prior to the last couple of years, I was in a space where it felt like women were always in competition ,  and so to be exposed to a community of women that are genuinely out there to support others has had the biggest impact on keeping me moving forward and believing in myself and my potential. 

An unpopular opinion you have
I don’t believe that multitasking is a thing. As humans, I don’t believe that we can multitask even though it’s something of a catchphrase that people put on their resumes "I’m a great multitasker”, well, I just don’t think that’s possible! I think all you’re doing is bouncing from thing to thing but not really getting anything done. 

What’s one change you would like to see in the modern workplace?
I’d like to see the modern workplace becoming more heart and people-centered. Because I think that when people are operating in an environment where they feel valued, heard, and safe, I believe that their potential increases exponentially because they will be giving their employer- or the world- so much more because of the environment they are operating within. And I feel like that old viewpoint that “you’re lucky to have a job, and you be at your desk from 8-5 and you do your work and that’s that” allows people to maximize their potential. With a more supportive and human environment, they can achieve so much more for people and better results.


Tell us the first random thing that pops into your mind just now:

O…my dogs! Hahaha! They are just petering around! They make me happy!

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