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Sustainable gift guide: 10 stylish gifts you’ll feel good about giving – or receiving

Sustainable gift guide: 10 stylish gifts you’ll feel good about giving – or receiving 0

handmade holiday gift guide to help you start or even finish your holiday shopping. Find the perfect present for friends and family.

We highlight 10 unique and stylish gifts to help you double down on holiday cheer this season. 

Msichana Maven:  Monica

Msichana Maven: Monica 0

Monica is a fifth-grade teacher, currently on a two-year stint in Japan where she teaches English to little children of all ages while improving her own Japanese.
Msichana Maven: Jocelyn

Msichana Maven: Jocelyn 0

Jocelyn is an event planner in Edmonton with a passion for creating connection and impact among people, our community and businesses. She has been the brains behind a couple of Msichana events you might have attended! 
Child-like Wonder

Child-like Wonder 4

This is the second of a 4-part series on living a Passionately Curious life; I promised to share 3 simple ways that you can start to practice curiosity in your day to day life. The first of these is Child-like wonder

Msichana Maven: Sophie

Msichana Maven: Sophie 0

Meet Sophia, an audacious French Canadian Engineer from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Her love for adventure has led her around the world, documenting her bar crawl exploits in 15 cities across 4 continents.
Passionately Curious

Passionately Curious 0

Does the Pursuit of Happiness (or what we think will bring happiness) get in the way of us experiencing life to its fullest? 

Happiness is around us. We should explore the life that we do have and experience the joy and fun in that!

And hence, curiosity is a most worthwhile pursuit!