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Passionately Curious

Passionately Curious 0

Does the Pursuit of Happiness (or what we think will bring happiness) get in the way of us experiencing life to its fullest? 

Happiness is around us. We should explore the life that we do have and experience the joy and fun in that!

And hence, curiosity is a most worthwhile pursuit!  

We Won’t Stop Fighting for Equality

We Won’t Stop Fighting for Equality 0

After losing the Wimbledon final to Simona Halep last month, Serena Williams was heavily confronted and criticized. 

Her response? A fierce and unapologetic statement: “The day I stop fighting for equality and for people that look like you and me will be the day I’m in my grave.”

Msichana Maven: Rosebell

Msichana Maven: Rosebell 1

We go behind the scenes to chat with Rosebell, who oversees Msichana's tailoring operations in Uganda. She is a major force behind Msichana and her insistence on fine tailoring comes through in all our clothing.
Msichana Maven: Kame

Msichana Maven: Kame 0

This month we're chatting with Msichana Maven Kame, an adventurous spirit hailing from Chicago and currently living in Japan where she teaches English as a second language.
The Spirited Woman's Guide to a Versatile Wardrobe

The Spirited Woman's Guide to a Versatile Wardrobe 0

Tips on how to create a versatile wardrobe for your fun and playful side. Highlighting some of the ways that Msichana strives to be a versatile addition to any wardrobe, and how you can apply the same techniques to whatever is already in your closet.
I love you, Daddy

I love you, Daddy 4

My dad is not a fuzzy guy. His response to "I love you, Daddy" is: "OK". While everyone calls my mom "Mummie", my father is referred to as "Director." He doesn't do small talk, or laugh politely at bad humor. He is almost irritated by shyness, and never cranes his head forward to hear us better, instead, he insists that we should speak up if we want to be heard.