Into The Fold — Behind The Seams

Msichana Maven: Rosebell

Msichana Maven: Rosebell 1

We go behind the scenes to chat with Rosebell, who oversees Msichana's tailoring operations in Uganda. She is a major force behind Msichana and her insistence on fine tailoring comes through in all our clothing.
I love you, Daddy

I love you, Daddy 4

My dad is not a fuzzy guy. His response to "I love you, Daddy" is: "OK". While everyone calls my mom "Mummie", my father is referred to as "Director." He doesn't do small talk, or laugh politely at bad humor. He is almost irritated by shyness, and never cranes his head forward to hear us better, instead, he insists that we should speak up if we want to be heard.  

Cheers to happy beginnings

Cheers to happy beginnings 0

Every company starts somewhere, but the story of how Msichana began is one of my favourites. Before Msichana came to be, Lorna seemed to have it all, but, like the Little Mermaid, she was yearning for something more. That something was giving back to her community.
So what could she create to have a lasting impact a social enterprise rather than a charity?
Finding my entrepreneur feet

Finding my entrepreneur feet 5

Earlier this week, I was asked to talk about Edmonton’s startup culture with Mark Connolly on CBC's Edmonton AM show, and it got me thinking about my own journey thus far. So, as my contribution to Edmonton Startup Week, I thought I’d share my startup story.