Cheers to happy beginnings

Cheers to happy beginnings

Every company has to start somewhere, but the story of how Msichana began is one of my favourites. 

Before Msichana came to be, Lorna was working as Senior Financial Analyst for a prominent company. From an outsider's perspective you would think that she had it all; a loving fiance, supportive group of friends and a successful career.

But like the Little Mermaid, Lorna was yearning for something more. That something was giving back to her community.

Growing up in Uganda, Lorna witnessed the poor conditions that many women faced. She wanted to do something that would create sustainable change for women. So what could she create that would have a lasting impact and that would be a social enterprise rather than a charity?

From a young age, Lorna had always been passionate about Fashion. Her mother was a fashion designer and some of her fondest memories were of watching women try on a newly made tailored garment. From her perspective, there was something magical about tailored garments that caused the wearer to stand taller and smile with confidence. As Lorna thought about how she would empower women, she knew she wanted her business to be one that made women feel more confident both about themselves and their bodies. From here, it became clear to Lorna that she wanted to employ women in Uganda to create tailored clothing from African fabric that women throughout the world could enjoy.

Having a dream is one thing, but now Lorna had to make it a reality. To begin, she hired six women who had the determination and passion to become skilled seamstresses. These women received training as part of their employment and became skilled in various areas of apparel construction. Now it was time to put those skills to use.

This is my favourite part of the story. Lorna had so much faith in this dream that the first Msichana pieces to be constructed were her own custom bridal collection. This included her wedding outfits and the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. The bridesmaids' dresses featured animal print fabric to fit the safari theme, and combined lace with soft blush fabric to add a delicate touch and ensure comfort in the heat. These gorgeous garments were made in different styles to complement each bridesmaid’s body and personality. As a result, each dress was absolutely stunning and suited the wearer perfectly.

Lorna’s wedding was magical, but the story does not end there.

Lorna went on to design the first Msichana collection aptly named The Mosaic Collection. This collection of luxury Women’s wear incorporates bold designs with a modern twist. Msichana also offers bespoke clothing so that every woman can feel like Lorna and her bridesmaids: good about themselves and good about where their clothing came from.  

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