Msichana Maven: Rosebell

Msichana Maven: Rosebell

This month we go behind the scenes to chat with Rosebell, who oversees Msichana's tailoring operations in Uganda. Rosebell is a major force behind Msichana and her insistence on fine tailoring comes through in all our clothing.

How do you enjoy spending your time?

I love being around and chatting with young people especially girls, I love their energy and vibrancy and sharing with them whatever experiences I feel can inspire them to be strong women.

I love traveling, discovering new cultures and taking in the different natural sceneries and appreciating nature.

 I look forward to Sunday mornings to go to pray with other people. Joining a larger family united in prayer and socializing make my week.

My unpopular opinion: Many women are not aggressive enough. 



As someone who has been part of the Msichana Mavens tribe, what does Into the Fold mean to you?

Into the Fold to me means this one piece of garment that carries so much with it. The brains of the people who put their heads together to weave and print the beautiful fabric. The creativity and imagination of the designer who forged the garment design. The artistic hands that cut and stitched together the pieces to produce one beautiful item. The shared culture that comes with it. Above all, the empowerment of the women that exercise their creativity and skill to better their lives. 

What does self-expression mean to you? How do you like to express yourself?

Self- expression to me is reaching out to others. To pass on knowledge to someone through communication, training and encouraging them. I find pleasure in knowing that I am part of someone’s improved life in whatever area.

I appreciate clothing and I love to keep a good standard of quality in what I wear. It doesn’t have to be expensive but every line and fold should be done right. What I wear has to represent me,  how I feel and what I am up to at any time so I rarely pick my clothes randomly. It is either market day, or dinner, or work, or beach or whatever. 


What do you love about your Msichana piece?

I love my Msichana piece for many reasons. All the fabric components are natural cotton which guarantees comfort whatever the weather. I love it that the print is daringly bright it makes me feel like it is a bright new day however cloudy the skies may be. It fits so comfortably I make any move in it and I could sleep in it and enjoy a deep sleep! 


What is the most rewarding part of the work you do?

    I teach garment-making skills to vulnerable women and it is thrilling when I see one produce a nice piece on their own, knowing she is not only happy with the piece herself but the skill will go a long way to enhance her standard of living

    What inspires you?

      I am driven by the fact that many women are vulnerable to poverty and they would have loved a better life.

      I am inspired by other people. A couple of examples are:

      Hon. Dr. Miria Matembe a human rights activist in Uganda. She goes all the way in fighting for what she believes is right and to be a voice of the voiceless with surprising bravery.

      Oprah Winfrey not only beat all odds to become a highly successful person but she uses her talent and fame to uplift other people’ s lives and shows a lot of pleasure in what she does.

      What woman has impacted your life the most?

      My mother.  She taught me that as long as  God gives one hands and a sane mind, one has the ability to survive. She also taught me that if something is to be done it is worth doing well.


      What’s one change you would like to see in the modern workplace? 

        I would like to see women given a chance to achieve their full potential and their input fully appreciated by the employer, just like the men.

        In my field of fashion design, I would like to change many women’s mentality that the skill they possess is to enable them to merely survive but rather love it and exploit it fully to create a big impact on their lives and the society they live in.  


        The first random thing that pops into your mind just now:

        Lorna Mutegyeki, founder of Msichana is an amazing person 


        Rosebell started her fashion career in London over 30 years ago, she later passed on a love for the craft to her daughter, Lorna, who founded Msichana to share that passion with the rest of the world.

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        Feel free to ask any questions you may have of Rosebell in the comments below and we'll be sure to include them next time.

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