Msichana Maven: Kame

Msichana Maven: Kame

    This month we're chatting with Msichana Maven Kame, an adventurous spirit hailing from Chicago and currently living in Japan where she teaches English as a second language.

    How do you enjoy spending your time?

    Traveling. I like exploring new places, and I like the fact that nobody knows me when I’m traveling. In a good way, no one pays attention to me and I don’t have any responsibilities. I like the anonymity of being in a new city.

    For the perfect Sunday morning, I enjoy coffee and pancakes while listening to a podcast. 

    My unpopular opinion: Some babies are ugly


      As someone who has been part of the Msichana Mavens tribe what does Into the Fold mean to you?

        One garment is made of thousands of pieces of thread. Even though they are all completely different they are woven together to make one piece. Like in Msichana where many unique people come together to create one garment. It seems like coming together to work for a common good and there is a sense of community and purpose.


        What does self-expression mean to you? How do you like to express yourself?


         used to really enjoy dancing and creating my own choreography. Lately, I have been focusing more on friendships and trying new things with friends. I see myself as someone who is very candid and honest. As a result, I feel like I have really genuine friendships where we can express ourselves freely just through conversation and our actions.  I think that I have an easier time expressing myself and my true feelings than other people. 


        What do you love about your Msichana piece?

        I love the dramatic colours of every piece, but in particular bold colours that you can feel good about wearing because they are ethically made. When I wear it I feel empowered. I know the history and the background of where the piece came from and I feel proud to be part of Msichana.

        In particular, I like the wrap dress because it’s fun to wear and it fits well with a flattering silhouette. I feel cute, classy and feminine. 


        What is the most rewarding part of the work you do?

          Working with the kids and building relationships with them. I also enjoy building relationships with my coworkers. It is rewarding to see the outcome after a project that you have all completed together. I also love the team aspect of my job and knowing that what we do has an impact on our students' lives. 

          It is nice to be part of a team working towards a common goal that you can be really proud of. We are teaching kids how to think critically and use English for their future careers. 

          Knowing that students will need English in their future, watching them progress through the school years, it's like the best thing. I feel inspired by my students because they are going to change the world. 

          Your inspiration?

            It comes from envisioning what I want for my future. For example, I want to live in France with my boyfriend which motivates me to study French.

            What’s one change you would like to see in the modern workplace? 

              (In America) I think that parents should get maternity and paternity leave. 

              I think that people should have shorter workdays because it’s been proven that they can work more effectively. People should be able to self manage their time and projects so that if a project only requires 5 hours they are not staying at work for 8 hours. I would like for people to take the view that having downtime at home isn’t lazy but rather healthy. Two weeks of paid vacation a year does not seem enough. I would like to see more women leading companies and in politics. 

              How do you manage a work-life balance?

              I make sure to never bring work home and I try not to think about work when I am at home. I think it helps to have a balance when there is a clear separation between work and home. But I also feel very lucky to be in a position where I don’t ever have to bring my work home.


              There! Now Kame's one more person on the planet that's not a stranger anymore. Strike up a conversation with someone new today; who knows what interesting things you'll learn?!

              Share with us your experiences and feel free to respond to some of the questions or Kame's responses in the comments below. 

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