The Spirited Woman's Guide to a Versatile Wardrobe

The Spirited Woman's Guide to a Versatile Wardrobe

Typically, tips on how to build a versatile closet revolve around sticking to basics and committing to a specific colour palette, or they recommend creating a minimalist wardrobe with neutral tones.

And sure, basic pieces are versatile, but versatile pieces do not have to be basic.

If you’re like me and you want a fun and interesting look, then including colour and variety in your wardrobe is important! Variety doesn’t mean having an excessive amount of clothes, but rather plenty of options available from the clothes you have.

When I was in university, I divided my time between classes, volunteering, working at a bank and going out with friends. As I traveled from one commitment to another, it felt like I was shifting between different worlds that each required different styles

I had a few well-made pieces that I mixed and matched to create different looks so that I could easily transition from classroom to lab, to community, to bank, to after-work dancing.

My small wardrobe sure was versatile- and it was bright and colourful and exciting.

For a regular traveler like myself, another perk of having versatile pieces is that I can travel light and still, look stylish throughout my trips. 

3 Keys to an Exciting and Versatile Wardrobe

Here are a few tips on how to create a versatile wardrobe for your fun and playful side. I'll highlight some of the ways that Msichana strives to be a versatile addition to any wardrobe, but you can apply the same techniques to whatever is already in your closet.

  1. Spice up what you already have

Spicing up what you already own can be as simple as complimenting your basic clothes with fun accessories that add texture and colour to better reflect your personality. The Accents by Msichana are the perfect addition to jazz up a classic look.

You can also find creative ways to style your clothes differently.

Go beyond the confines of “what” you’ve got and explore “how” you could use it.

For example, a jumpsuit can make great pants if you wear a shirt over of it, and the right scarf can be pretty much anything you want it to be.

Drape it, Tie it, or Wrap it, the Msichana Scarf/headwrap is so versatile it could practically have its own infomercial. Wear it as a scarf, belt it to make a vest, tie it to make a shirt or wrap it around to create a headwrap. This piece is especially handy when traveling: it can be used to keep you warm on the plane and then turned into several fabulous looks when you arrive.

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for different ways to wear and style this piece. 


  1. Pattern and Print are your friends.

I want to bust the myth that versatility = plain clothes. Patterned pieces are great because they can be paired with multiple items in your closet.

The artisan fabrics we use to create Msichana clothing and accessories have bold, bright and colourful patterns. They are hypnotizingly wonderful, yes, and the patterns also serve a purpose. On top of being more interesting, patterned pieces give you more choices for styling your look. You can pick out any (or each) of the colours in the pattern to combine with solid pieces in your wardrobe to create a cohesive look. 

In fact, the more variety of colours in one piece, the more options you have for pairing the piece!






Msichana Falir Pants Artisan Fabric Handmade EthicallyThe pattern in these Flair Pants has multiple colours, all of which will make fantastic combinations. 


Whilst a lot of advice on creating outfits suggests starting by picking a base neutral, I suggest doing the reverse.

Choose the colourful patterned piece you want to wear, and then build the rest of your outfit around it, picking up the colours in the pattern to make up the rest of your look.

Thus, your patterned piece becomes the focal point of your outfit, bringing everything together. It is the reverse of how most people do it, but it is o so much better!

  1. Well-Made Clothes

We saved the most obvious, yet often overlooked tip for last.

Your clothing should be of high quality in order to last a long time and hold up to all the different uses you have planned for it.

Good design is another aspect of well-made clothes. Chose pieces that are designed to adapt to many different functions, situations, and moods.

One of the ways we do this at Msichana is by ingeniously designing reversible pieces. The Msichana Two-Faced Vests and the Reversible Wrap belt each have two different looks on either side. One side boasts a stunning pattern while the other side has a complimenting solid colour, giving you two distinct pieces in one.

1 belt infinite ways: switch between solid color, full pattern, or a combination with several ways to style the belt.

Your clothes should work harder and smarter for you. To help you along, we are starting Six ways to Sunday Challenge where we'll feature at least six different ways to wear/style your Msichana pieces. We hope this inspires you to experiment with your wardrobe and style your pieces in new ways.

Join in the fun by sharing a photo in your favorite Msichana look with the hashtag #Msichana6Ways and tag Msichana on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win one of our Accents.

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes! Browse our Accents by Msichana collection and let’s colour our world together! 



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