Passionately Curious

Passionately Curious

The Pursuit of Happiness is a common one in our culture today. Often we don’t even know quite what that means, but we pursue it nonetheless, expecting to recognize it when we find it.

And yet, happiness is already around us. There is happiness in the moments that make up our day and in the people that we share those moments with. There is happiness in nature, in people we encounter, in art, and music. We could be exploring the life that we do have and experiencing the joy and fun in that! And hence, curiosity is a most worthwhile pursuit! 

Oxford Dictionary definition:

Curious /ˈkyo͝orēəs/ adjective.   1. eager to know or learn something.

 (and I would modify it to include something or someone – even yourself.)

I moved to Canada from Uganda after my A-levels. The move was a culmination of my lifelong curiosity of lands and cultures so far different from my own – masked in pursuit of better education to appeal to my parents’ sensibilities. That same curiosity helped me to integrate and make friends, and to love Canada and its people as much as I had imagined I would.

The fulfillment that my curiosity has brought me also encouraged me to start Msichana and ignite curiosity in everyone that comes in contact with the brand.

Msichana has a unique origin, coming from a very special place, Africa. It was created to connect people across the globe: using fashion to share the talents of artisans and bold ethnic patterns to tickle the senses of curious and adventurous global souls. It offers a way for our clients to create and tell their own stories by experiencing and sharing culture through a style that is truly unique.

I still suffer the wanderlust and it is my dream to continue to share more cultures and to create an openness to new experiences through Msichana, laying the groundwork for greater opportunities to discover and connect with the world. 

The word curious originates from the Latin word cura, meaning ‘to care’. 

I believe that curiosity makes us better humans, because as we learn more about ourselves, other people and the world around us, we come to be more appreciative and caring for them. 

Over the next series of blog posts, I will share 3 simple ways that you can start to practice curiosity in your day to day life. I invite you to join Msichana's journey, intentionally wandering, creating intrigue and play from any situation or interaction, we'll let curiosity lead the way.  

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